Is Homemade Laundry Powder Worth the Hassle?

is homemade laundry powder worth the hassle

A few months ago, I posted a picture on Instagram of my new homemade laundry powder. I was surprised at how many of my friends were interested to try it but not convinced it would work or be worth the hassle!

I’d been wanting to make my own laundry powder for AGES. Between the savings and a slow move toward trying to eliminate harsh chemicals from our home it seemed like something that would be good for the family.

I pinned recipes for months and eventually worked up the courage to buy the ingredients… but they sat taking up space in the cupboard.

I thought buying a cute laundry bucket I found at the cheap shop or telling myself I was not allowed to buy any more washing powder until I tried it would work. But when the laundry powder ran out, my husband was out of the country and I used that as my free pass to buy another box from the grocery store.

But one night, years into my homemade laundry making aspirations, my husband saw a special on TV about how much store bought laundry-making items are diluted and how much money we were WASTING and asked – do you think you’d be up for trying to make our own washing powder?

I was stoked my BFF was into the idea (he’s cringed at some of the other DIYs I’ve had going on the counters) and that motivation pushed me over the edge.

Oh my goodness. It was so easy. And it works so well. I cannot believe I waited so long to try it!!!!

I love it, we’re saving money, I cannot believe I procrastinated so long.

There are SO many recipes online. I really like Wellness Mama’s blog for natural recipes. She covers so many variables and only posts things she’s made and has really honest reviews. Here are some of her laundry recipes.

I ended up grating two bars of laundry soap (I used Sunlight) in my food processor, mixed with a kilo of washing soda, both of which I found in the laundry section of my grocery store. I added some borax as well (which I found at Bunnings) but will try without next time as I’m still making up my mind on what I think of that stuff… there are mixed reviews and here is one I liked for the information even though it didn’t convince me completely. I hand mixed it all together added some drops of lavender essential oil, also available at the grocery store, until I could catch a good whiff of it. Maybe 40 drops or so… I use a heaping Tablespoon with every load.

So is it worth it? Overwhelmingly so… its works well, its simple to make, it saves money and I don’t have to question what’s in it.

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