I’m About to Meet My Hero

Have you ever been so excited to meet one of your heroes? There are a few people who have impacted my life tremendously, even though we haven’t met and Jim Stier is one of them.

If I’m totally honest, I’d probably pass Jim right by if I saw him on the street. From all photographs and stories, and even his own words – he appears to be quite ordinary.

But it was one sentence that changed his life – and changed mine.

jim stier“Lord, I’ve ruined my life. I’m Yours if you still want me.” (Jim Stier)

I read his story like a famished bear. My eyes could barely keep up with my mind and heart as I soaked in all that he did – from his tragic beginnings, to his willingness to do something extraordinary, to the actually very very ordinary, often back breaking, heart breaking challenges he faced.

And today? Well, you see the fruit of his labour in almost every nation on earth. You’ll have to read the story to find out why.

I’ve thought about Jim’s story often as I do the very ordinary, often challenging things that come up in my day, all with a vision and a belief that the nations where I live and work – Australia and Papua New Guinea – are filled with people who have an incredible purpose and destiny the world is just waiting on!

So I’m just a little bit excited that these days Jim tells the stories of what he’s learned in a way that equips those with a heart to do something extraordinary too.

We’re hosting his Leadership Training School here in Townsville this July and I’m so looking forward to being strengthened for the task ahead and to meet one of the heroes of my faith!

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